OPF Certified Instructors

Li (Owner/Director)

Li is the owner and founder of Ottawa Pole Fitness Studio established in 2008. She enjoys the artistic aspect of pole dance and feels that pole fitness is for everyone regardless of age, gender or background. Li brings strength, flexibility and grace into her teaching. Her biggest joy lies in empowering women through the beauty, strength and seductive art of pole dancing. Li is a certified Pole Fitness Instructor and Yoga teacher as well as an accredited Canadian Pole Fitness Association Judge. She has judged Ontario Pole Fitness Championships in 2012, 2013 and 2016 and the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships 2015 and 2016. Li was also a finalist in the North American Pole Fitness Championship in 2014.

Rachel (Manager, Bilingual)

Rachel was captivated by pole dance videos for almost three years before she found the courage to try pole for herself. Inspired by the supportive community of athletes, artists, and friends at OPF, Rachel knew that pole fitness was her true passion; she has been pursuing it wholeheartedly ever since. She enjoys the constant challenge of building strength, coordination, flexibility, and courage, and she is overjoyed to have the opportunity to share her passion for dance with others.

Richelle (Bilingual)

Richelle loves the challenge of executing advanced pole tricks and is a true daredevil when it comes to her pole work. Richelle has dabbled in every type of dance imaginable, including contemporary and step dancing. She also performed with a professional step dancing company in both Canada and the USA.


Abbey started learning pole fitness as a fun alternative workout, and soon fell in love with the versatility of pole as a tool for expression. Abbey enjoys challenging her mental, physical and creative boundaries, whether she is learning new moves or coming up with interesting ways to explain moves to students. As a member of the OPF team, Abbey loves to share her knowledge with students, and help them understand their movement so that they can explore their favourite flavour of pole.


Rebecca started with Ottawa Pole Fitness in 2010, and has watched her strength and skill continuously build with the passionate teaching and support from the OPF Team; and now is extremely enthusiastic to pass that same training and empowerment on to other individuals. She has a background in ballet and other various forms of dance. She is specialized in advanced aerial hoop and silks. Being a circus artist has always been her dream.

Catherine (Bilingual)

Catherine began Pole Dancing in her tiny bedroom in first year university in 2007. She joined OPF in 2011 where she learned proper technique and built a strong circle of friends and pole sisters. She loves to teach all levels from beginner to advanced, to Exotic, to Twerk! Catherine won the Exotic Division at the Great White North Pole Championships in 2017, and she placed in a variety of national and international competitions including: 3rd Place, Pro Division and Best Flow overall, Toronto Pro Supershow 2017; 1st Place, Pro Division, Ontario Pole Fitness Championships 2016; 1st Place, Essential Division, North American Pole Dance Championships 2015.

Carly (Bilingual)

Carly discovered pole fitness in 2012 while in search of a fun and exciting way to enrich her workout and push her limits. She always enjoys new challenges and loves how pole fitness has improved both her strength and confidence. She is thrilled with the opportunity to pass on her enthusiasm and her love of this amazing sport to her students.


Denise took her first pole class at Ottawa Pole Fitness in 2014. She immediately developed a passion for pole and soon went on to train in aerial silks and hoop. Denise enjoys incorporating her creativity into aerial arts and she looks forward to progressing as a stronger performer. Denise placed first runner-up in the Essential Division at the Great White North Pole Competition in 2016, and won first place in 2017, as well as placing first runner up in the Semi-Pro Division. She came in first runner up in Essential Division at the North American Pole Dance Championships in Chicago, and won second runner up in Semi-Pro at the Toronto Pro Supershow. She is very grateful for the supportive community at Ottawa Pole Fitness and cannot wait to share it with others looking to get fit and have fun!

Our Front Desk Admin Staff

Our friendly bilingual admin staff are here to help you with any questions or purchase. They are available in Studio A office Monday to Thursday evenings from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.


Mikaela has been secretly admiring pole athletes for ever now and started her journey to becoming a bit more amazing like them a little over a year ago. Since her first pole class at OPF, she's been amazed at how, with dedication and practice, she can start achieving moves she never thought she could accomplish. Mikaela is excited to see how far she'll go all the while enjoying the encouragement and support from the amazing athletes at the studio


Laura is a student at Carleton University studying Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. In 2015, she realized that Pole Fitness was offered in Ottawa and joined OPF immediately, and has been loving every second ever since. She loves pole fitness for finding the strength and confidence she never knew she had, and since starting Laura has taken interest in her own personal fitness.


Sarah is a Certified Horticulturalist and loves her pole family. After signing up for level 1 in 2012 she knew it would be out of her comfort zone to go off on her own and learn something extremely new and different. She has not been away for more than 2 weeks since she started and looks forward to coming to the studio any chance she gets.


Gabriella started pole dancing at OPF in January 2017 as a New Year's resolution to try something new and interesting. Since then, pole has become an integral part of her life. She has a new appreciation of how strong the human body can be when trained properly. As a gym enthusiast, Gabriella quickly incorporated pole into her fitness routine. She looks forward to continuing to gain strength through her pole fitness classes.